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The growth of the Hard Wood Company has been remarkable since its establishment in 2004, and the company's contribution to the development of furniture in the State of Palestine was remarkable, which qualified it to occupy a high market share in the Palestinian and Israeli markets, in addition to its distinguished experience in the Jordanian market. With its keenness to apply quality standards in manufacturing, the company has been able to provide a new definition in the strong and competitive export landscape in the State of Palestine, by creating more value for stakeholders, and setting high standards.

After the success achieved by Hardwood in obtaining a high market share, and modernizing the means of manufacturing methods, the company continues to expand its portfolio, and repeat successful export models, through the establishment and development of new projects, such as the introduction of new production lines, for TV tables, center tables and dining tables, which is the designed stage To meet the requirements and needs of the market and customers. The company continues to exploit new growth opportunities in the State of Palestine and the neighboring countries, to consolidate a strong legacy for future generations, by diversifying its revenue sources through asset management and strategic planning.

By utilizing the strong foundations and expertise, the company will play a major role in the development of the furniture industry and management in the coming years. With a clearly defined growth roadmap, the company will continue to strengthen its position by developing pioneering projects, focusing on innovative ideas, and providing unique investment opportunities to clients.

Fawaz Shehada

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