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Is a Palestinian leading manufacturer of bathroom cabinets, setting rooms, dining tables and TV stands. The company established in 2004, HARDWOOD and its high-tech product is known well beyond the country's borders. High quality and comprehensive application knowledge are the foundations of our success. We leave nothing to chance at HARDWOOD. That is why we take it all into our own hands. This makes us free and independent in our decisions. In terms of quality and partnership, the focus is on the customers' needs and customer benefits. Our approach to values, where the employees and customers are concerned, we places people at the heart of the company.


Hardwood is looking to create value for our customers through reliability and flexibility. We want our customers to experience comfort through respect and trust.

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Hardwood has a team of qualified and experienced professionals to perform various functions in a highly efficient method, including sales, marketing and management.

As one of the most leading and appreciated wood industry companies in Palestine, we are proud of the quality services we provide, especially as we always put customers on our list of interests. This gives us a high customer rating, which reflects our dedication to providing the best possible customer experience.

In HARDWOOD, we give attention to the most important aspects of the furniture market, including sofas, bathroom cabinets, kitchens and dining rooms, in addition to all decoration works using the latest technology and modern manufacturing methods.

Hardwood's has a significant growth since 2004, in which it was established. The company's contribution to furniture development in Palestine was remarkable, which enabled it to occupy a high market share in both Palestinian and Israeli markets, in addition to its distinctive experience in the Jordanian market. With the keenness to apply quality standards in manufacturing, the company was able to provide a new definition in the strong and competitive export landscape in Palestine, by creating more value for stakeholders, and setting high standards. 

After the success of Hardwood in obtaining a high market share, and renovating the means of manufacturing methods, the company continues to expand its portfolio and repeat successful export models, through the creation and development of new projects, such as the introduction of new production lines, for TV table, coffee table and dining set. Which designed to meet the requirements and needs of the market and customers. The company continues to take advantage of new growth opportunities in Palestine and neighboring countries, to create a strong legacy for future generations, by diversifying its revenue sources through asset management and strategic planning.

By taking advantage of the strong practicalities and expertise, the company will play a major role in the development of furniture manufacturing over the coming years With a clearly defined growth roadmap, the company will continue to enhance its position by developing leading projects, focusing on creative ideas, and providing unique investment opportunities to our clients.

Fawaz Shihade

Chairman of Board of Directors

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